Nomad on Bike

A Co-Creative Bikepacking Adventure for Nomads

12 Days in June 2020

980 km
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Riding a bicycle is the best way to travel: Zero cost and carbon footprint, you are in touch with the environment and approachable for people you meet along the way. Besides, you stay active and are getting fit.

Nomads are traveling slow. It's time to slow down transport too and do something against climate change. If you stay in a place for a couple of weeks or even months, does it matter if getting there takes a bit longer too?

Join us on the bike! Fresh air, fitness, good company and adventure guaranteed.

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We're riding along the Danube. For most of the part, we will follow Euro Velo 6 and then go south after Vidin in Bulgaria towards Sofia/Bansko.

Tour on Euro Velo


Budapest is a great place for digital nomads, full of culture, caf├Ęs and coworking spaces to enjoy. It's conveniently located in the center of Europe and is easy to access by train from other European cities.


Bansko is a mountain resort in Bulgaria and one of the fastest-growing nomad hubs in Europe, driven by Coworking Bansko. If you have the time to stay for a few weeks, you will be there for the Bansko Nomad Fest end of June.


How much will it cost in total?

This is a non-commercial trip. We are co-creating, planning, and cycling together. Therefore, you will join this at your own expense and pay for food and accommodation directly to the vendors.

What kind of bike do I need?

Basically, any kind. Daniel is doing hundreds of kilometers on his folding bike, and there are people riding from Berlin to Tokyo on a Fixie. It really depends on your preference and availability. We'll be mostly riding paved roads, so a road bike is fine too.

What fitness level is required?

We're aiming for ~80km a day on average. However, we're flexible to scale this up or down depending on the needs of the group.

Will I have time to work during the trip?

The daily riding will take about 8hrs max., including pauses. So you will have time in the evening to get some work done if needed.

What kind of accommodation?

We will stay at guesthouses and coliving spaces along the way. You can choose a private room or share it with one of the participants, all depending on your budget.

What kind of luggage do you take?

We try to travel rather light and prefer a bikepacking setup. That's why we don't carry tents and cooking utensils, as these would increase the weight quite a bit.

We'd love to have you join us on this adventure.

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Daniel Heitz

Daniel is the Founder of Nomad Train and tours as Nomad On Bike on his folding bike around the world. See some of his bike adventures on youtube or instagram.

Nicolas Grangier

Nicolas is going to cycle from Marseille to meet us in Budapest and continue his journey towards Bansko.